Dieter Koschina

Dieter Koschina

Award Winning Chef Dieter Koschina was born in Dornbirn, Austria on May 6th 1962.

After arriving at Vila Joya in 1991, Chef Koschina went on to win Vila Joya their first Michelin Star in 1995 and then the second in 1999. Dieter Koschina and Vila Joya was the only restaurant in Portugal for 13 years to be honored with two Michelin Stars.

Dieter Koschina’s professional recognition comes from Establishments such as:
Souvretta House,(1981-1982),
Hotel Panoramique, (1982-1983),
Hotel Imperial & Bristol(1983-1986),
Tantris, (1986-1987),
Tristan, (1987-1988),
Hilton Vienna Plaza,(1988-1989).

Chef Koschina’s kitchen at Vila Joya has been awarded many accolades, including the prestigious recognition of entering the “The World´s 50 Best Restaurants” list in 2012 and climbing to Nº 22 in 2014. Vila Joya was the first restaurant in Portugal to be ranked among the best 50 and the hotel has been voted by the World Travel Awards as “Europe’s Best Boutique Hotel” for the last years. Dieter Koschina is also proud to have led Vila Joya to become “The Worlds Best Culinary Boutique Hotel” in 2016 and to become part of the famous La Liste.

What makes Dieter Koschina such a successful chef is a very frequent question that indeed is easy to answer. First of all, it is his talent and his extreme passion for his profession. Second is his inspiration, creativity and the addiction to reach and find the perfect taste. Chef Koschina has led Vila Joya to become one of the best restaurants in Portugal and now in the world, which naturally has had a very strong impact on the success story of Vila Joya. The two-stared chef has changed Vila Joya’s restaurant with his culinary enthusiasm and at the same time Vila Joya and Vila Joya‘s clients have changed Dieter Koschina.

The story of Vila Joya‘s restaurant is written hand in hand between the owing family Jung and Chef Koschina, because primarily one alone would not be there without the other. The achievement of being awarded two stars it is not only about talent or money but also about the guest’s satisfaction and overall experience.

Chef Koschina always enjoys taking special requests and advises his team “it’s John Wayne Time!” To cook John Wayne style means to open the fridge, have a look what is inside and start cooking dishes that are not on the menu. As chef Koschina always states, a restaurant without clients is a king without a kingdom. The roots of our success are our clients and our ultimate goal is to full fill their culinary wishes in the best possible way.

Below are some frequently asked questions and Chef Koschina’s responses.

*Where did you grow up?
Chef Koschina grew up in Saltsburg Austria

*How did you become interested in cooking? Did your parents inspire you to become a chef?
He speaks fondly of his mothers cooking and her support for his dream career. From age 5 or 6 he helped his mother in the kitchen

*Are there any Austrian influences in your cooking today?
Dieter Koschina also uses his Austrian influence when preparing dishes for the Kitchen; sometimes he prepares Austrian specialties such as Rindsuppe (beef soup) or even traditional Wiener schnitzels. Another favorite is Kaiserschmarrn, which is like a pancake in pieces with a fruit sauce and sprinkled with sugar

*What was life like before receiving your Michelin stars? Where did you work and where did you learn your techniques?
Before chef Koschina started his career he entered into an internship at aged 14 where he learnt his basic skills. After the basic study he worked in several Michelin Star restaurants, like The Souvretta Haus, Tantris, Tristan, Vienna Plaza before his career of more than 20 years at Vila Joya began.

*Why did you choose to come to Portugal? What attracted you to this country?
Chef Koschina had never been to Portugal and the allure of the sun and the beach was important and also he was offered the chance to establish his “John Wayne” cooking style. The rest is history.

*How often do you change the menu at Vila Joya? What ingredients do you use per season, where do you source them from and why?
We change the menu every single day. We use seasonal ingredients from local suppliers mainly but we also purchase quality products from top suppliers such as caviar and certain meat cuts.

* Vila Joya restaurant has two Michelin Stars. Do you intend to achieve more and more? Our main goal isn’t necessarily to constantly achieve stars and awards but more so to please our guests and aim for them to return time and time again. When we receive positive feedback from our guests this is what makes us happy.

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